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DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD Company stands out in the construction industry with different initiatives and projects to help the common people who are in agony due to the augmenting price of construction materials without causing financial burden in construction of their dream homes. We have been building our clients dreams and successfully satisfied more than six hundred established customers in 14 districts of Kerala so far. Moreover, many projects are under way. At present we have six offices being our Corporate office at Edapally Kochi and Branch offices at MARINE DRIVE, THRISSUR, PERINTHALMANNA, CALICUT, KANNUR and OOTY .Soon we are in process of our new offices in Kollam and Bangalore.

Now you can build a house with ease and at a low cost

DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD Company was formed in 2017 from the thought of how to find a solution to the common man dream of having a home where other Construction Companies and Contractors impose large cost for their dreams gaining extra profit in the construction sector. DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD has surprised the construction industry by doing the same work for just Rs.1000 per square feet when companies were charging Rs.1500-1600 per square feet. This approach endeared the company to consumers and enabled it to achieve tremendous growth over half a decade.


The strength of DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD is an excellent team with thorough knowledge and experience in the field of construction. The team designs each project by fully understanding the client’s needs and desires. Contemporary designs, quality construction materials and meticulous execution make every project of DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD unique. It is also a big advantage of the company that it has already been able to provide employment to many people.


Currently, the company is engaged in the construction of houses with two different packages


Innovation over time and different approaches have been critical to the success of DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD. As mentioned above, the company first built houses more affordable than other companies and stood with the customers and later introduced the interest free installment scheme. DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD Company provides a simple installment scheme system where the customer pays only half of the total amount for house construction and the remaining half amount can be repaid in small amounts without any interest. This campaign brings a great relief to those who do not have the financial capability to realize their dream of owning a house.10

 Seniority Discount Scheme

Seniority Discount Housing Scheme is another major initiative of DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD. This is also a relief scheme for consumers. The objective of this scheme is to provide a seniority discount of 20 percent from the market rate to the consumers who are suffering due to daily increase in cost of construction materials and labor wages. The company carries out this scheme by returning a portion of the company’s monthly turnover to the customer. Digibiz Consumer Consortium is entering the construction sector for the first time. A 20 percent seniority discount scheme has been devised under this consumer consortium. Like this, the company intends to introduce many projects related to house and building construction through consumer consortium. Digibiz Build On Quality Rating Pvt Ltd is the first company to introduce a full work 50-50 installment scheme in the construction sector.

DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD Company provides all services related to home office construction such as landscaping, site planning, interior exterior design and architecture. If you are planning to build a house then DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT LTD can approach DIGIBIZ BUILD ON QUALITY RATING PVT

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

For every project we undertake, we follow a standard process to ensure quality and document the same to keep our goals in sync with our customers’: